Our clinic has been operating normally



  • Outpatient reception of the MU patients;
  • Performance of medicinal manipulations;
  • Managing paramedical staff;
  • Keeping medical documentation;
  • Work on premises of the employer.


  • Higher professional education with the degree in «Medical Care» and postgraduate professional education(internship and (or) residency) or primary professional retraining with the degree in «Otolaryngology»;
  • Otolaryngologist certificate;
  • 3year+ experience as an Otolaryngologist.
  • Personal qualities: responsible, disciplined, conflict-free, polite and appropriate communication with the patients, propensity for self-education and professional development.


  • Work in MIT «Medialog»;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Full-time employment;
  • Privileged medical service;
  • Competitive salary («declared»);
  • Preservation of medical service record;
  • Professional retraining, certified training;
  • Employment per labor legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Employment type: full time (part-time employment is possible).


HR manager

E-mail: centromed@mail.ru
Phone:+7 (495) 691-22-05