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For patients

Information for patients about the rules
for providing fee-based services in the clinic

1. When providing fee-based medical services, the Clinic ensures respect for the patient’s rights according to the effective legislation.

2. When providing fee-based medical services, the Clinic complies with the procedures for medical care provision approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. Fee based medical services may be provided according to the full-scale standard of medical care approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, or, per a patient’s request, as separate consultations or medical interventions including to extent exceeding applicable standard of medical care.

3. The patients can get detailed information about fee-based medical services from the information boards located in the hall of the Clinic, Front Desk, or on the official website of the Clinic at centromedmsc.ru.

4. A fee-based medical service can be rendered upon a referral of the physician (preferably, but not required) or upon patient’s desire.

5. If there is a line to certain types of medical services consisting of the patients who paid for them, such services are provided on a «first come – first served» basis.

6. Contract of fee-based medical services is entered into by and between the patient and the Clinic in writing.

7. To get a fee-based medical service a patient needs to:

а) apply to the Front Desk in order to get the information about the Clinic that provides fee-based medical services; information regarding fee-based services rendered; information regarding the ability to get respective types and scope of free-of-charge medical care under regional plan of state guarantees for providing citizens with free medical care, as well as state assignment of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in order to determine the scope of medical services provided, execute a medical history record (for the new Clinic patients) and issue the referral (card), as well as to get other relevant information for entering into the contract of fee-based medical services;

b) not later than in 1 hour after applying to the Front Desk (appointment for exam and tests shall be canceled if a service is not paid), go to the Cashier’s Desk of the Clinic and pay for the medical services;

c) go to the room specified in the referral;

d) should the doctor deem additional examination and tests (medical services) to be necessary to get a more accurate diagnosis, the patient (provided that he/she agrees to pay for and undergo them) shall once again go to the Front Desk and perform steps а), b), c) set forth above. The extra medical services plan is formed according to the standard of medical care for different illnesses and conditions.

8. The patients are entitled to refund in the following cases:

8.1. If the patient refuses the medical service;

8.2. If there are no indications or there are counter indications for a particular medical service;

8.3. If the patient is unable to appear for the medical service at the specified time, and the Clinic’s inability to provide the patient with such service at different time;

8.4. In case there are medical indications for replacement of one medical service with another one;

8.5. In case of inappropriate provision of the service by the Clinic upon the grounds set forth by the effective legislation.

9. Money refund is performed at the Cashier’s Desk of the Clinic immediately provided the submission of the ID, receipt and refund application certified by the authorized persons who are appointed by the order of the Clinic Director – Chief Physician.

10. Service cost includes all necessary consumables and medications.

11. In some cases, the doctor of the Clinic may recommend that some test and examination performed in other medical institutions be repeated.

12. If the patient is unable to appear for fee-based services, he/she should notify the Front Desk of the Clinic about it by phone 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

13. If the patient is late for the appointment, he/she should apply to the Front Desk to learn as to whether or not the doctor is free and able to see the patient.

14. Due to specifics of the process of their performance, the results of some tests can only be provided in 2-10 days. The patient living in other town can get such test results by mail, fax or email. For that matter, the patient should apply to the Front Desk and fill out respective application form.

15. The Clinic’s liability to the patients is stipulated by the effective legislation, including Consumer Rights Act.

Priority of patient’s interests during medical service provision

1. When rendering medial services, patient’s interests are respected as follows:

1) compliance with ethical and moral standards, as well as assurance of respectful and humane treatment on the part of medical staff and other employees of the Clinic;

2) rendering medical care to the patients with the account of their physical condition and respecting, if possible, their cultural and religious customs;

3) ensuring care when rendering medical services;

4) arranging medical care for the patient with the account of efficient use of the patient’s time;

5) establishing requirements for design and location of medical facilities in compliance with the sanitary and hygiene standards and ensuring comfortable conditions for patients in medical institutions;

6) creating conditions that enable visit and stay of the patient’s relatives with the patient in the medical institution accounting for such patient’s condition in compliance with anti-epidemic regime and with the account of the interests of other persons working and (or) present in the medical institution.

2. In order to implement the principle of priority of the patient’s interests in the provision of medical care, the government bodies of the Russian Federation, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments exercising powers in the field of health care, and medical organizations, within their competence, interact with public associations, other non-profit organizations, carrying out their activities in the field of health protection.