Внимание. На сайте ведутся технические работы

For corporate clients

  • Pre-trip and routine medical checkups (with possible doctor’s visits)
  • Medical records books
  • Staff motivation through salary packages with additional medical services
  • Out-patient care for adult patients
  • Doctor’s home visits (including IV infusions and injections)
  • Dentistry (therapeutic and surgical dental care)
  • Doctor in the office
  • Annual health care programs
  • Medical certificates and documents

Why us?

  • Conveniently located in the walking distance from the metro Kropotkinskaya, Arbatskaya, and Smolenskaya
  • Our center is equipped with high tech diagnostic and dental equipment of extra class
  • We have reasonable and flexible prices for partners
  • No queues nor long wait times
  • Our medical staff have long-standing professional experience
  • We are open for cooperation offering our capacitie

Additional services

  • Scheduling doctor’s appointments by phone or on the website
  • Discounts for medical services not included in the insurance plan
  • Customer tailored approach, notification system, and patients case management