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Message of the chief physician

Greeting on the website of centromed clinic!

Health is a great blessing. When a person feels good, the world seems better. We can do so much more; we are willing to learn something new; horizons are open to us.

Human body is one of the most perfect creations of nature, it is a unique system, in which hundreds of natural mechanisms operate. So, it is natural that such complex mechanisms need high quality maintenance and even «repair», when such need occurs. Each of us deserves the best which is also true for the medical care.

Centromed Clinic is ready to offer you the services of highly-skilled doctors, empathic and mindful personnel, the state-of-art equipment and convenient location in the very center of the Capital.

Our history started over 60 years ago when on the 6th of October, 1949 Medical Unit affiliated to Trust «Mosgazoprovodstroy» was founded. It functions included care and treatment of the personnel engaged in the construction of main pipelines, arranging for and conducting health promoting, sanitary, and antiepidemic activities, as well as first aids services for the employees engaged in the construction of gas pipework from Yamburg, Nadym, and Urengoy to Bukhara and Belgorod. In 2008, Federal State Institution Medical Unit “Centromed” was affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Since 2016, Centromed Clinic has been a branch of FSI «SID & GP».

Today, Centromed Clinic provides medical care for the employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation; it also operates within the area of extra medical insurance plans, and provides healthcare services individuals.

Why us? Firstly, because we have the state-of-art facilities and equipment, and we recommend the highest quality medications thanks to expertise of FSI «SID & GP» that is authorized for performing inspections of the sites manufacturing medicinal products and drug preparations. Secondly, because staff of doctors of our Clinic remains the same for many years now, and each of the doctors is a professional and they take regular training courses and upgrade their skills. Thirdly, the Clinic is situated in the center of Moscow – we are convenient to reach and ensure comfortable area for you to wait for consultations and procedures.

Thousands of patients implicitly entrust us their health. Reliability, professionalism, benevolence and empathy are the qualities our regular patients value us for and recommend us to their family and friends.

We are always ready to help you! Take care of yourselves and your close ones!

Director, Chief Physician
Lyudmila Tamerlanovna Tabekova