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About the clinic

Centromed clinic is a highly qualified clinic that meets all the requirements of modern medicine

Our doctors are ones of the best professionals of their areas. Outpatient care is provided by such specialists as therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, urologist, gynecologist, dentist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon, gastroenterologist. The exam rooms are equipped with the state-of-art equipment from Japanese, German, Italian, USA manufacturers and with the innovative materials. Exam rooms of specialty doctors are equipped with the instrumentations that make it possible to perform standard and unique studies and manipulation during outpatient care.

The otolaryngologist’s room is equipped with the ‘Atmos S 61Servant’ ENT machine, digital ENT camera, diathermocoagulator, audiometer; the doctor performs outpatient procedures and operations (punctures, catheterization of the auditory tube, washing of the tonsils, nasal cavity, etc.).

The urologist’s room is equipped with the instruments for diagnosing diseases of the genitourinary system (cystoscope, uroflow meter for determining the function of the bladder and urinary tract). To ensure high therapeutic efficiency treatment, such methods as medical instillations, application manipulations, etc. have been introduced.

A wide range of manipulations and procedures is carried out in the gynecological room, such as testing for hormonal profile, urogenital infections, etc. Gynecological patients with endocrine pathology are treated.

The diagnostic capabilities of the ultrasound room allow to perform all types of ultrasound investigations, including echocardiography, ultrasound of the vessels of the brain and limbs; Vivid 7- 4-dimensional ultrasonic device of the latest generation enables visualization of the 3D image of objects in real time.

In the functional diagnostic room, such studies as ECG, 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure are performed, as well as definition of the function of external respiration, treadmill test.
Ophthalmology room is equipped with modern equipment that enables early diagnosing of eye diseases: optical coherent tomography machine Cirrus OCT, computer projection perimeter of the full field of view HUMPhey Field Analyzer, automatic air-puff tonometer AT 555, autorefractometer with pachymetry function PARK 1, automatic dioptrimeter, ophthalmotonogaph.

The neurologist’s room is equipped with the NicoletOne modular neurodiagnostic system complete with a 4-channel EMG / LTM system, the VIVID 1 diagnostic system with the accessories, an ultrasound Doppler blood flow velocity analyzer Angiodin UK, computer echo analyzer of midline structures of the brain Angiodin Echo / B. All this allows for a comprehensive examination of the patients with pathology of the nervous system in a shorter time, increasing the level of service and to get the diagnosis within the shortest time possible.

Dentistry unit is one of the structural divisions of the primary healthcare unit where qualified care is provided. Several doctors see the patients. We use the state-of-art equipment and all innovative materials used in dentistry: Dentistry unit Sirona, sand blasting machine AIR-FLOW, dental imaging machine Quick Ray DSX 730 USB.

High qualification and phsychological preparedness of the medical staff, equipment with the state-of-art machinery and equipment create the necessary conditions for providing high-quality outpatient and consulting medical care.